Fire fighting equipment

Fire extingishers

Portable Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
5Kg fire extinguisher
Portable Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
2Kg Fire Extinguisher
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Available in the following Sizes 9Kg , 6Kg, 4.5Kg, 2Kg, and 1Kg
Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Available in 12Kg , 6Kg, 4.5Kg
Water Fire Extinguisher
9 litres
Foam Fire extinguisher
9 litres
Mobile Dry Powder Stored Pressure Extinguisher
Mobile foam Stored Pressure Extinguisher
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Fire blankets

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Hydrant, Sprinkler Systems and Accessories

Fire Pump Set, Diesel, Electrical and Jockey Pumps Pumps Control Panels Fire Hoses Duralex Series Model Special Duralex Hydrant accessories
Sprinkler systems
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Fire Detection and Alarm System

Addressable and conventional systems Addressable and conventional systems Smoke detectors Heat detectors
Call points Sounder Fire alarm bells Beacon / Flasher
Beam Detector Battery Operated Smoke Detector
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Fire Suppression System

Duo tech supply, install and maintain the following types of fire suppression systems

  • Inert gas fire suppression system
  • Carbon dioxide fire suppression system
  • Chemical gas fire suppression system

Inert Gases Fire Suppression Systems

Inert Gases Fire Suppression Systems


Duo-Tech fire services in collaboration with Nairobi fire marshalls offer the following trainings:
a) Basic fire awareness
b) Fire marshals training
c) First Aid Training
d) Disaster preparedness and management The course content will be given together with the quotation

Fire risk assessment and fire audits

We conduct fire risk assessments and fire audit in conformity with international standards e.g. BS 5499 and NFPA, where necessary upon completion of the assessment we undertake assisting the client implement recommendations to improve fire safety. Our risk assessments are client centered, with the objectives of creating pro-activity towards Preparedness, Prevention and fire extinguishing.

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Safety Signage, Illustration and Posters

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